26 April 2012

The Live Reporter

Hey, how you doin? Sorry I've been busy with my school hehe. Otherwise, it's 1 week left to IGCSE Examination.

Do you remember that I interviewed by GADIS Magazine? Yes, the Magz already publish it. You can buy one of them now! :) 12th Edition 27 April - 7 May 2012 Period!

Click the picture to see them clearly

20 April 2012

Summer Breeze

Went to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (again) yesterday with Awwaab, and his friend Alma, and her friend Echa. This wasn't my photoshoot but the other girls'. But Awwaab forced me to join the shoot. It takes 5 minutes to reach Taman Mini from my house, cool eh? We started it at 2 p.m, aand one hour before it, rain goes down! Awwaab as the amateur photographer freaked out. I am still not in a good mood for photoshoot because 2 days ago, i'm so pissed to rain. HUFFFFT~ But here is it

outfit T-shirt from Top Shop  |  Outer 'heart' wear is a gift  |  Pants is mum's  | Shoes from Melissa  |  Sling Purse from Mango

19 April 2012

Picnik.com is No Longer Exist

This post dedicated to WWW.PICNIK.COM
I'm in love with www.picnik.com since I was in year 7! I am not a good editor LITERALLY, I'm happy that I know Picnik for 4 years. Sadly, today April 19 2012, Picnik is about to close. Why? Since joining Google in 2010, the Picnik team has been working on Picnik while helping to create photo editing magic in Google’s products. But now they get to focus. Picnik will be closing its doors on April 19, 2012. This is crazy, I could cry tomorrow when I realize than I can't use Picnik any longer :( But they recomment a photo editing service site, PicMonkey. Cool Stuff! Well, so long Picnik! I will miss you! One of my sweet memories! Bye :')

12 April 2012

Wedding Anniversary

Just got a call from GADIS Magazine last night. Mbak Fara interviewed me by phone about Twitter, aaand  it will be publish on GADIS Magazine 19th edition hahaha looking forward to buy the magz.

OH GOD! only 3 weeks left! My Cambridge International Class Examination will start on May 4. I am TOTALLY BLIND of Chemistry, I am not really BLIND of Physics. I am scared about my score that I earn nowadays. It is not good enough for me. Next Tuesday, I will have Speaking Test, it will be recorded, and it will be sent to Cambridge. Pretty Confident about this Speaking Test, i just need practice with my vocabulary and my ability to think as much as possible to find spesific details (certain topic(s)) in couple minutes.

These were in my Parent's 18th Anniversary, the party held at Sheraton Hotel Yogyakarta, I played a couple songs :)

outfit Orange Blazer from Zara  |  Green Skirt from Zara  |  Unbranded Stripes Tee  |  Shoes from The Little Things She Needs

11 April 2012

Shocked Shocking Pink

AAAAAA!! This is my MOST FAVORITE outfit. My Priority Scale of colours, Shocking Pink > Brown > Orange. This outfit has been travel Asia, i think hihi. I never feel bored with this outfit, i just don't know why. These were taken by (still) Tunjung Putri :)

outfit Sweater from Zara  |  Skirt by Suga (Alun-alun, Grand Indonesia Mall)  |  Melissa wedges  |  Necklace from Accessorize  |  Bracelet from Japan